• Executive Management.
  • Management Consulting.
  • Implementation and drafting of best practice Policies, Procedures and structures.
  • Brand Positioning and Brand Association.
  • Design, draft and implementation of CID (Corporate Identity Documents).
  • Below and above- the line Marketing.
  • Design and Implementation of Digital and Multi- Media Strategies.
  • Editorials, Advertorials and Press Releases.
  • Full Competitor Analysis including covert Competitor Research.
  • SARS DA185 Import- Export Codes.
  • Restructure of organisations.
  • Design, execution and cascading of strategy.
  • Business turn- around strategies.
  • Specialising in exponential growth of business.
  • Commercial legal Agreements- draft and perusal.
  • Drafting of Business Plans.
  • Design of best practice Sales strategies and sales tools and the implementation thereof.
  • Sales Training, and the design and implementation of Sales Tools.

Our increasingly interconnected world and demand for speed and innovation is becoming a critical requirement for global organizations.

To remain clear, focused and responsive to change, organizations ought to spend more time on the design of their strategic, modular landscape, rather than continuing on an agile execution-bias. To receive the single source of truth, organizations will be required to understand and identify the many dimensions of the business, and how they interact with one and other.